Atended Games

I live 2 and a half hours outside of Detroit but still try to make it to every game I possibly can.  I will be attending the first game of the A’s series tonight and have been to five games already.  Anyone travel over 5 hours for a Tigers game, or any other game this year?  I went 5 hours to see the Tigers/Milwaukee finale, in which they lost 4-3 but it was worth the trip.  I was privileged to see the saturday game of the Reds series in which Granderson hit a two out solo home run to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth, and the Yankees game where we came back on Farnsworth in the 9th. 




    Yea Im a huge tigers fan, I live in Columbus which is about a 3.5 hour drive to Comerica, I have been to a game in Wrigley and in pittsburgh, its great to see baseball back in motown, the only thing that bothers me is i have been going to games every year, where have all the fans been. I just dont like how most fans only come to see a winning team, you have to represent in through seasons like 2004. GO TIGERS!

  2. Michael

    Yeah definitly. I do appreciate the extra fans now because the team can use all the support they can get…but they should feel cheap if they were fans of another team until the Tigers got good…thats just wrong, I have been a fan since berth (Oct 1984..good month, great year)


    i’m a tigers fan and i live in kinde, michigan which is like 4 hours away and i wish that i could go and see a tigers game this year


    Yeah…you definately have to stick by them even through the rough spots. I tell you what, it’s nice seeing good ball played in Detroit again though…I loved my old Tigers (Gibson…Fielder…Trammel…Fryman) but these new ones…are the best I’ve seen in years! These kitties are definately growing up to be some ferocious man eating Tigers!

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