No Trade Needed for the Tigers…but..

  After putting much thought into it I don’t believe that we (Detroit Tigers) need a large deal before the trade deadline to put us over the top.  I am not saying that a move wouldn’t help, it probably would but as most of you know this is a sellers market and the price is too high.  Since his return, Dimitri Young looks like the answer with 5 RBI’s, 2HR’s and boosting his BA from .169 to .239 in only 5 games.  Will this streak continue? realistically no, so we may still need left handed help.  My solution? a 2nd tier prospect for Carl Everett who recently was "designated for assignment" by the Mariners. The switch hitter’s numbers for this season are not too impressive…

Season 92 308 37 70 8 0 11 33 1 .227 .297 .360

but he is a career .270 hitter with playoff experience.  He is 35 and no Soriano or Abreu but he also wouldn’t cost us our future to acquire.  He is being let go after a "shouting match" occured earlier this month in the clubhouse…no sources have said if that is the reason he is being designated for assignment. 

I am happy to say the Tigers are now 8 1/2 games up on the White Sox and the Twins while creeping towards a tough part of their schedule in mid August.  My main reasons against making a big deal is that even if we acquire a big name player it doesn’t gaurentee any postseason success, and why mess with team chemistry?  And we have many prospects that look to be future superstars (Cameron Maybin & Humberto Sanchez), we should not sacrifice them for a "chance" at a title.  Do we really need anything big? to have the best record in baseball by 6 whole games says that your team is pretty solid no matter who your competition is…and we are in the hardest division in baseball (AL Central).  Everett may be something like another DYoung but he is more experienced and a weathered veteran, kind of like a Rondell White.  Let’s go Tigers! just don’t give away your future!


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