Playoff Push Difference Makers

Most Important 5 Players for the rest of the Season;

Sean Casey– The newly rented professional hitter needs to produce for the Tigers lineup.  His most important duties will be to get on base, produce runs, and to not strikeout, which the Tigers have done in an abundance this year.

Dimitri Young– A switch hitter who means alot to this lineup.  Since his return to the lineup he has been on fire. In 11 games Dimitri has 5 Home Runs, 11 RBI and is batting close to .400! Will he be able to keep this pace? No, but as long as he produces he will remain in the lineup and be a valuable part of this team.

Kenny Rogers– The man known for slumping in the second half of the season is doing it again and knows it.  In July he was 1-2 with a 9.28 ERA in 5 starts.  Some rumors have been swirling that he will be moved to the bullpen.  It is very important for Rogers to stay in the lineup and return to his first half of the year performance.

Todd Jones– No everybody not Todd Blowns, Todd Jones… He has turned it up a notch in the month of July and should keep up the pace.  My heart races everytime he steps on the mound in the 9th with a 1-run lead.  Just imagine in October any of the Yankee lineup against Jones in the 9th…scary, good luck to Jones for the rest of the season.

The Young Guns- This includes Verlander, Zumaya, Rodney, and Granderson.  They all are inexperienced players when it comes to being in the majors in high pressure games.  In late September we should start to see whether they can handle the pressure or crumble when the season is on the line.


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    hey sean and all of u guys are cool and the tigers rule so don’t mess with my favorite team cuz i love them and i hope they will win the championship this year. GO TIGERS, GO TIGERS ALL THE WAY

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