What a Difference a Year Makes

72 Wins with over 50 games to go.  Althought I did believe the Tigers would have a decent season this year I still didn’t think they could pull of something like this.

Why Didn’t People Think the Tigers would Be One of the Best Teams in Baseball?

-Their young pitching won’t be anything special….I heard that Verlander and Zumaya have some talent but they are rookies..how good could they be?

-Kenny Rogers can’t pitch anymore…and how could he be a positive influence on the young pitching staff? He is a loose cannon

-Tigers are injury prone

-They have no bullpen

-Their starting rotation is shaky at best

-It will take Leyland a couple years to get back in a winning groove

Why The Tigers Are THE Best Team in Baseball

-Verlander, the first pitcher to 14 wins is having a CY Young caliber year and doesn’t look to be slowing down

-Best E.R.A., most wins, and most shutouts in all of baseball

-Someone goes down, Someone steps up.  Miner for Maroth, Thames for Monroe, and Shelton for Dimitri.

-Veteran Leadership is paving the way.  Kenny Rogers, Todd Jones, and Leyland are helping the rookies develop and perform. 

-Team Chemistry- although Leyland says chemistry means nothing and all he wants is talent, you can tell from the way they act on the field, in the dugout, and in the bullpen that this team wants to win for themselves, each other, and the fans and people of Detroit. 



  1. davidtiger51@yahoo.com

    I have been a Tiger Fanatic since 1959. I am exhilarated with this year’s team, but have two concerns: 1. pitch selection; it seems the guys are always 0-2 or 1-2 when it really counts. We don’t take pitches. Mags is swinging first pitch almost all the time. My second concern is playing Monroe and Thames in the same lineup. They are clones, essentially the same type of hitter. Monroe seems to be a little more disciplines. Correct these two concerns, and I think we can make it through.

  2. kiki2021@hotmail.com

    These Tigers are the ones I have been waiting on for years. My whole life I have loved baseball and haven’t really been able to say my team is the best because last time the won the world series I was too young to remember. Even with the slip up in Chicago this past week I still see this team going all the way. I enjoy watching the games for the first time in years though I have always stuck by the Tigers as my favorite team. I can’t believe the difference between this year and previous years. I am so proud of my team!!! Go Tigers way to bring the ROAR back to the D!

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