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Mike Maroth

I am excited to say my favorite MLB pitcher Mike Maroth will be making a rehab start in Triple A Toledo today (August 9th) and will throw about 5 innings.  Good luck to Mike and I hope to see him back in the rotation…possibly a 6 man rotation very soon!


Playoff Push Difference Makers

Most Important 5 Players for the rest of the Season;

Sean Casey– The newly rented professional hitter needs to produce for the Tigers lineup.  His most important duties will be to get on base, produce runs, and to not strikeout, which the Tigers have done in an abundance this year.

Dimitri Young– A switch hitter who means alot to this lineup.  Since his return to the lineup he has been on fire. In 11 games Dimitri has 5 Home Runs, 11 RBI and is batting close to .400! Will he be able to keep this pace? No, but as long as he produces he will remain in the lineup and be a valuable part of this team.

Kenny Rogers– The man known for slumping in the second half of the season is doing it again and knows it.  In July he was 1-2 with a 9.28 ERA in 5 starts.  Some rumors have been swirling that he will be moved to the bullpen.  It is very important for Rogers to stay in the lineup and return to his first half of the year performance.

Todd Jones– No everybody not Todd Blowns, Todd Jones… He has turned it up a notch in the month of July and should keep up the pace.  My heart races everytime he steps on the mound in the 9th with a 1-run lead.  Just imagine in October any of the Yankee lineup against Jones in the 9th…scary, good luck to Jones for the rest of the season.

The Young Guns- This includes Verlander, Zumaya, Rodney, and Granderson.  They all are inexperienced players when it comes to being in the majors in high pressure games.  In late September we should start to see whether they can handle the pressure or crumble when the season is on the line.

What a Difference a Year Makes

72 Wins with over 50 games to go.  Althought I did believe the Tigers would have a decent season this year I still didn’t think they could pull of something like this.

Why Didn’t People Think the Tigers would Be One of the Best Teams in Baseball?

-Their young pitching won’t be anything special….I heard that Verlander and Zumaya have some talent but they are good could they be?

-Kenny Rogers can’t pitch anymore…and how could he be a positive influence on the young pitching staff? He is a loose cannon

-Tigers are injury prone

-They have no bullpen

-Their starting rotation is shaky at best

-It will take Leyland a couple years to get back in a winning groove

Why The Tigers Are THE Best Team in Baseball

-Verlander, the first pitcher to 14 wins is having a CY Young caliber year and doesn’t look to be slowing down

-Best E.R.A., most wins, and most shutouts in all of baseball

-Someone goes down, Someone steps up.  Miner for Maroth, Thames for Monroe, and Shelton for Dimitri.

-Veteran Leadership is paving the way.  Kenny Rogers, Todd Jones, and Leyland are helping the rookies develop and perform. 

-Team Chemistry- although Leyland says chemistry means nothing and all he wants is talent, you can tell from the way they act on the field, in the dugout, and in the bullpen that this team wants to win for themselves, each other, and the fans and people of Detroit. 

$10 could win me world series tickets!

Yes gambling is wrong, but I am a die hard Tigers fan.  So much of a fan that when the season started I saw a posting for the Tigers to win the World Series at 100/1 odds.  I couldn’t resist the chance so I placed down $10.  Now not only do I wish I would have put down 10 times that amount, I have plans for the possible $1000 I could come away with.  If the Tigers do make the playoffs (fingers crossed) I will purchase as many playoff tickets including World Series that I can possibly afford.  If they are to win the series…I come close to even, if not oh well…I have been a fan my whole life and this team deserves all the fan support they are getting and that I can give them! Go Tigers

No Trade Needed for the Tigers…but..

  After putting much thought into it I don’t believe that we (Detroit Tigers) need a large deal before the trade deadline to put us over the top.  I am not saying that a move wouldn’t help, it probably would but as most of you know this is a sellers market and the price is too high.  Since his return, Dimitri Young looks like the answer with 5 RBI’s, 2HR’s and boosting his BA from .169 to .239 in only 5 games.  Will this streak continue? realistically no, so we may still need left handed help.  My solution? a 2nd tier prospect for Carl Everett who recently was "designated for assignment" by the Mariners. The switch hitter’s numbers for this season are not too impressive…

Season 92 308 37 70 8 0 11 33 1 .227 .297 .360

but he is a career .270 hitter with playoff experience.  He is 35 and no Soriano or Abreu but he also wouldn’t cost us our future to acquire.  He is being let go after a "shouting match" occured earlier this month in the clubhouse…no sources have said if that is the reason he is being designated for assignment. 

I am happy to say the Tigers are now 8 1/2 games up on the White Sox and the Twins while creeping towards a tough part of their schedule in mid August.  My main reasons against making a big deal is that even if we acquire a big name player it doesn’t gaurentee any postseason success, and why mess with team chemistry?  And we have many prospects that look to be future superstars (Cameron Maybin & Humberto Sanchez), we should not sacrifice them for a "chance" at a title.  Do we really need anything big? to have the best record in baseball by 6 whole games says that your team is pretty solid no matter who your competition is…and we are in the hardest division in baseball (AL Central).  Everett may be something like another DYoung but he is more experienced and a weathered veteran, kind of like a Rondell White.  Let’s go Tigers! just don’t give away your future!

Dimitri Back with Authority

I was at Comerica on Friday heading down to my first row seats in left field (bought the tickets when the season first started for under face value…now the same tix go for $50 a piece on ebay)…as I heard them announce the starting lineup I thought I had just imagined that something was announced over the loud speakers.  Did they just say Dimitri Young?  Yep, the man who I called out and said "he will never appear in the english D again was batting 7th for the Tigers.  I had made that comment about a month ago on my other sports blog ( when there were rumors about him and his personal troubles and admittance to the Betty Ford Clinic.  I was however extremly happy to hear him in the lineup and tried to get as many people as possible to stand up for him and cheer when he took his at bats.  He hasn’t performed as well as previous management had expected while signing him a large contract, but he is still a Tiger and has had some bright spots while wearing the Old English D.  Remember opening day 2005? I was on my couch thinking not only that the Tigers would make the postseason but that Dimitri really could hit 60 home runs this year… I mean what else can you think after someone hits 3 home runs in 1 game?  you wouldnt expect only 20 hr’s for the rest of the year!

Dimitri delivered when it counted, getting a 2-run hit in a 1-1 ballgame.  We all know that we need a left-handed bat, but is Dimitri the answer?  After seeing the first two games of the Oakland series you would say yes, but will history come back to bite us..again?  Dimitri has history of problems outside his personal life such as injuries.  The big question now is "Do we have what we need?..or do we need something else?"  This is why Dombrowski is the GM and I am not.  Whatever happens I will always be behind the Tigers.  I love Thames, Miner, and Monroe who have been tossed around in trade rumors.  I do not want to see them go and think since Dimitri is back we may be able to keep them.  But if a trade is to happen I am behind it (as long as we don’t give up the farm). 

I am glad to see Dimitri contributing again and I wish him the best!